What’s the WORD UP: Elaine O’Brien’s Positive Fit Lab
Comments, Recommendations, Sanctions

Dr. Martin Seligman, University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center:

“Elaine, you are a gem.”

Dr. Steven N. Blair Professor, Departments of Exercise Science and Epidemiology/Biostatistics, 2012:

“Let’s get Elaine involved in some of our Exercise Is Medicine activities.  She brings a strong behavioral science background, and need more behavioral scientists like her in Exercise is Medicine.”

Dr. Robert Sallis, M.D. Founding Director, Exercise is Medicine 2012:

“I love seeing the material you have written in support of Exercise is Medicine. It is very well done. I would love to get you more involved in EIM.”

Temple University Student Feedback Forms, ’11, ‘12:

“The ratings by students was unanimously outstanding/”Upper level from Elaine’s Kinesiology undergraduate students since she started teaching in August, 2011.”

Student Comments about Elaine’s classes:

“Elaine promotes a positive and encouraging attitude and is extremely sensative to everyone’s needs. Loved this class. Elaine is great!”

She makes it fun, and she’s so lovely you just want to do well. Elaine is like a ball of sunshine. She promotes an open atmosphere in her classroom and encourages great positivity. She always welcomed us with a smile and promoted such good energy.”

“Elaine promoted a happy and friendly atmosphere, and made exercise fun and entertaining. I enjoyed the class because of her engagement. She went beyond the scope of teaching to help students learn fitness for life. Elaine was extremely sensitive to diversity and respected every individual. It was the most fun I ever had in class.”

“Elaine is an amazing teacher who always make the day better and happy, no matter what. I learned so much about myself in her class. She is one of the best teachers ever!”

“I loved her!”

From a University of Pennsylvania undergraduate, in Elaine’s Introduction to Positive Psychology Recitations, David Kwok, 2012:

“…I’m already so grateful you are serving as our mentor and teacher. Every time I walk into recitation, I leave the rest of the world behind –all of my stress and all of my troubles-and I think of this hour as a sanctuary-a place where I can just be myself, where I can learn about others and meet new friends as well…And every single week, I see your enthusiasm, and I’m reminded of how loving and reassuring you make this class…I will always remember engaging in Positive Psychology interventions. I will never forget how supportive you always are of what each of us has to say.  I will never forget the sense of community and friendship that you’ve built among us. Thank you for so generously caring about each one of us. Thank you for being so eager to listen to, and learn about us.

From Dellie Byrne, Trendsetter, Spring Lake Heights Community Center Dance Fitness Class for 15 years, 2012:

“Your love and care for me and for all your students is so encouraging, and I know we are healthier and happier people because of you. You’ve inspired us, and taught us, and now there is a great spirit of camaraderie among us. It’s due to your leadership and generosity. Your exercise routines lift our spirits.”

From Claudia, Fairway Mews Water Fitness Student, Claudia gained fitness and lost over 100 pounds, Summer 2012:

“Thank you for making a difference in my life! You are an angel to me. You changed me for the better, and saved my life.” 

From Melanie Webb, Editor, All Things Healing, about Elaine’s October 2012 presentation: Breathing Positive Psychology: HeartMind Activities Promoting Positive Years at IDEA Health and Fitness Association’s Inner IDEA, Palm Spring, CA.:  

“(Elaine is) “one of the best presenters I’ve ever seen.”



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