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Dr. Scott Sherman, Healing and the Transformative Action Institute

Scott Sherman and Randy Parraz,co-founders of the Transformative Action Institute (TAI) Dr. Scott Sherman’s presentation at the University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center this year explored transformation. With an amazing smile and determination, his inspiring talk, “Can people really transform,” offered personal examples across life domains (schools, business, health, family, recreation, more) of resilience, optimism […]

The Power of Gratitude: Boosting happiness, performance, & well being

The process of gratitude has profound transformational power.  Gratitude, as a universal human experience, is found in the sacred writings, prayers, and is pervasive in teachings of all true religions.  Positive social psychologists, Dr. Nansook Park and Dr. Chris Peterson described gratitude as one of the “transcendent virtues;” those that strengthen bonds and connections with […]

Happy Memories of MAPP 2007-’08, UPenn

Along with the uplifting topic of Applied Positive Psychology, inspiring fellow students I cared about, we had the most amazing professors during our MAPP year. I am thinking of Drs. Kate Hays and Barry Schwartz today. What beautiful and wonderful people!

Mindful Breathing: Relaxation and Energizing Techniques for the Regulation of Arousal

Our breath can powerfully link our body and mind. Mindful breathing focuses attention on the present moment; here we become one, more whole, in the moment. The yogis of ancient India considered fresh oxygen and calmness the key to physical stamina, so breathing in tune with the rhythms of nature has always been an integral […]

The Power of Positive Movement: Muktodhara – The Flow of Freedom

This story from NPR inspires hope, healing, understanding, redemption,  communitas – moving  together as one in synchrony to become greater than we are, and the awesome power of positive movement practices (PEP): matching uplifting movement to desired outcomes. From A Calcutta Prison To The Classical Stage A new Indian feature film was inspired by a […]

Power of Positivity & Enlightened Action: Activating Joy & Positive Connections

Elaine Tarantin O’Brien, MAPP Power of Positivity & Enlightened Action: Activating Joy & Positive Connections What is Positive Psychology? Positive Psychology is the empirical study of what’s right in the world.  It is the study of optimism, happiness and well-being.  With well being as a societal goal, studies have shown that we can increase our […]

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