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Positive Exercise Tips To Lighten Up and Feel Great!

Elaine O’Brien, MAPP Positive Fitness Lab: Positive Exercise Counseling Temple University, Ph.D. Candidate, Kinesiology-Psychology of Movement Mobile phone: 732.996.2698 Exercise/Lifestyle Tips to get started: • Focus on moving more with good form. • Listen to your body. • Posture check yourself • Finish your training session feeling great. • Stay hydrated: drink water often/take frequent […]

Kona Ironman Triathlon Champion 2012, Pete Jacobs, on love and performance

Pete Jacobs, 2012 Kona Ironman Triathlon Champion: “My kinesiologist offered the mantra of “love,”…and it worked! Thanks to Greg Reznich for the inspiration.

Enjoying Positive Exercise Practices (PEP) & Play Our Whole Life

The power and beauty of communitas: moving together in synchrony, as one.

Medical Wellness In ACTION vs Smokadiabesity: Exercise is Good Medicine

Happy to share my article from All Things Healing,, originally published on Positive Psychology News Daily.  Thanks to Dr. Steven Blair and Dr. Robert Sallis for their great work promoting health, physical activity, well being and the Exercise is Medicine movement.  Thanks also to Melanie Webb, All Things Healing,  Kathryn Britton, Positive Psychology News Daily, […]

Elaine O’Brien Dancers perform at the Breakers Hotel, Spring Lake, NJ, 12/13/12

Temple University Kinesiology 1001 Students, Fall 2012

Celebrating my dedicated, fit and talented Kinsiology 1001 students, Temple University, Fall, 2012!