An educator, author, and trainer, with a harmonious passion for helping people improve the quality of their lives and well being, Elaine O’Brien, MAPP, is a dedicated consultant, coach and presenter. With more than 20 years teaching and designing a variety of dance/fitness programs, Elaine has led thousands of people to better health, enhanced fitness and greater enjoyment in their lives.

Here are some of Elaine’s most recent presentations:

Positive Health Symposium Speaker at the University of Pennsylvania MAPP Alumni Fete

Positive Energy Leader at the University of Pennsylvania MAPP Summit

“Breathing Positive Psychology: Get HAPPY: Heart/Mind Activities Promoting Positive Years” at the Inner IDEA, Palm Springs, CA

“The Power of Positivity and Enlightened Action” at the Inner IDEA, Palm Spring, CA

“Relaxation and Energizing Techniques for Regulation of Arousal,” Temple University Psychology of Physical Activity

Coming Soon: “Willpower, Won’t Power and Empower” for WICT: Women in Cable Telecommunications

Elaine is a graduate teaching fellow in the Kinesiology Department at Temple University and a PhD Candidate in Kinesiology: the Psychology of Human Movement. Elaine is a Positive Health consultant and presenter for University of Pennsylvania MAPP Program.

Elaine is one of the first 100 people in the world to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania MAPP: Master of Applied Positive Psychology program.  Elaine has studied with the top leaders in the field of fitness and positive psychology and attended University of Oslo, where she studied Positive Psychology and Well Being across Cultures. She earned her BA Summa Cum Laude with a double major in Urban/Outdoor Recreation and Psychology and also studied at Lycee Bristol, Cannes, France.

Elaine has presented on health, fitness and positive psychology throughout the U.S. and in the UK, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Korea, and China.

Contact Elaine at PositiveFitLab@gmail.com or call (001) 732.996.2698.

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