Vibrancy, Motivation, Success – Applied Positive Exercise: Go APE with Elaine


Applied Positive Exercise (APE): Go APE with Elaine!

Applied Positive Exercise (APE): Go APE with Elaine!Elaine O’Brien            

Elaine O’Brien presents:

Vibrancy,  Motivation, Success:
Applied Positive Exercise (APE) – Go APE With Elaine!

The 2015 Northeast Atlantic Sport Psychology Conference Workship

Temple University, Tuttleman Learning Center Philadelphia, PA

Friday, March 20th, 3:50 – 5pm

On Friday, March 20, 2015, Elaine O’Brien, Ph.D. Candidate, MAPP,  will present a workshop at Temple University: Go APE! Applied Positive Exercise (APE).  The APE model combines sciences of positive psychology, exercise psychology, sports medicine, and the the art of group dance exercise. The Go APE! model advances positivity, motivation and adherence in fitness training. It’s easy to follow, engaging, & FUN!

This energizing program encourages individuals of all ages, shapes, and sizes, in groups, to go with the flow, pursuing more deeply, exercise, movement and physical activity enjoyment.

The APE protocol encourages people to move mindfully, successfully, safely, more and well across moments in time and domains (education, business, sport, health, fitness, community recreation, and more). Participants across age groups, and fitness levels have repeatedly reported positive psychological, social and emotional benefits.

Based on a socially constructed, community fitness model, initially aimed at reducing alcoholism and drug abuse risks in Monmouth County, NJ, this award winning design has been successfully evolving to serve individual and community needs for over 2 decades.  Go APE! Training primes positive emotion in motion, and camaraderie, group cohesion, and builds social capital. Also important, this program delivers a powerful blow against the “epidemic of inactivity” and non-communicable diseases (NCDs): lung disease, kidney disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, and the number one silent killer: heart disease.

Incorporating easy to follow, mind/body movement, (dance, sport, yoga, tai chi), Go APE! delivers aerobic, strengths, balance, flexibility, coordination, and relaxation benefits to participants. Elaine is currently conducting qualitative research about the phenomenological lived experiences of her dance fitness group members, and demonstrating how group dance exercise heartens positive well-being and sustainability in a variety of settings. Contact Elaine at

Go APE! dance, shake it, (but don’t break it).


Elaine O’Brien, PhD Candidate, Temple University, Human Movement Psychology
Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP), University of Pennsylvania
Summa Cum Laude, Urban and Outdoor Recreation & Psychology
Fit Perspectives Consulting, Training, Adult Development & Flourishing


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