Positive Exercise Tips To Lighten Up and Feel Great!


Elaine O’Brien, MAPP
Positive Fitness Lab: Positive Exercise Counseling
Temple University, Ph.D. Candidate,
Kinesiology-Psychology of Movement
Mobile phone: 732.996.2698

Exercise/Lifestyle Tips to get started:

• Focus on moving more with good form.
• Listen to your body.
• Posture check yourself
• Finish your training session feeling great.
• Stay hydrated: drink water often/take frequent sips daily.
• Sleep is important/Try to get 6.5-8 hours nightly.
• Consider meditation to energize, for greater clarity, to relax.
• Be kind to yourself; self care and self compassion are key.
• Start fitness training with an easy warmup, take the training at your own pace, staying true to yourself.
• Eat light, clean, healthy, fresh foods.
• When eating: take small bites, eat more slowly, really tasting the food and savoring it.
• Aim to stop eating by 6-7pm. Lights out, refrigerator closed.
• Aim to eat a light and delicious breakfast because you are waking up hungry.
• Plan ahead. Be proactive and pack food so you can eat something light, healthy and delicious rather than grabbing something as a reaction.
• The more fit people I train, athletes, carry food and water so that they can have a proactive eating strategy.

Some Water Fitness Moves Designed to Help You Look, Feel & Do Great!
Water walking: stride the feet as you move through the pool: toe, ball of the feel and then the heel goes down to the pool floor.

Posture wise: Keep the crown of your head to the sky. Keep your neck talk, relax your shoulders and keep them down, lift up your rib cage, square your body, abdominals are contracted, contract the quadriceps, and stabilize through the knee joints. Relax your jaw and soften through the face.

Water Exercises
In chest height shallow water:
Water walking
Rocking horse, right and left
Side leaps
Side leaps with flick kicks
Kick forward
Kick side to side like a pendulum
Flick kick back
Run, run and leap, right and left
Flamingo twist
Twisting: remember knees, hips & ankles always go in the same plane.
Jumping jacks (lower the heels gently to the ground)
Jumping jacks with arm variations: upright row, bicep curl, side raise arms.
Leap 3 and one jumping jack Right, and then Left
Frog jumps
Tuck jumps

Deep Water Training:
Jogging climbing: fast and slowly, feet together and apart in the jog.
Jumping jack and tuck your knees to the chest
Jumping jack and frog jump
Side scissors
Cross Country skiing/Giant controlled strides
Kicking the legs, alternating Right and Left
Seated pool jumping jack
Kneeling pool jumping jack
Flamingo twist
Running up the hill, with knees up
Running down a hill, with heels up to the buttocks.

With a noodle:
Twisting side to side
Place the arms up overhead and then lean backward
Please arms up, and then down in front for 3 counts.

At the end of the session, cool down, drink water. Stretch: tap toes, calf stretch on the wall, give yourself a hug.

Seated – do football jogs, jumping jacks, stretching, toe taps
Standing – using the wall, chair, or barre
Start Singing in the shower
Practice Kegels during the day

Let’s focus on healing and moving forward positively.

Elaine O’Brien, MAPP
Positive Fit Lab



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