Celebrating our Women In Cable Telecommunications (WICT) and all women today, and celebrating my new webinar: “Willpower, Won’t Power, EMPOWER!”

Positive Fit Lab

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Positive Fit Lab is thrilled to share the following article about the value of creating wellness programs in the workplace.  This story  features the founders of IDEA Health and Fitness Associations (www.IDEAFit.com),  friends, Kathie and Peter Davis.  Pioneers in the field of Health and Fitness Leadership, Business, Programming, Design, for over 30 years, Kathie and Peter have been leading IDEA members by example, and via offering education, networking, training, award winning, IDEA FITNESS JOURNAL, numerous other benefits to their members.

Continuing to foster well being world wide through their vision and efforts, Kathie and Peter were invited to a 4-day event,
“Entrepreneurship Changing the World,” by Sir Richard Branson, Virgin entrepreneur and humanitarian. Sir Richard recently founded Virgin Unite, whose mission, “is to help revolutionize the way governments, businesses and the social sector work together—driving business as a force for good. According to Peter Davis, “This is based on the…

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